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19 September 2008 @ 09:26 pm
If you miss the discussions...  
For those of you anxiously awaiting more information about Sirens/sirenscon--we're not quite there yet, and we want to be able to answer all of the questions we know you'll have about the event once we provide you with the dates, location, and website.

In the interim, we're pleased to announce that we've activated a new community: narrate_books. This community is not specifically related to any particular conference, but it will focus heavily on the sorts of books that you might be interested in if you're interested in one of Narrate Conferences' events--fantasy, science fiction and/or speculative fiction, young adult literature of all genres, steampunk, and so on. We're talking about favorite books right now, so please feel free to watch or join in.

More soon. Good news is on the way!