December 11th, 2007

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Programming Information

This is the twelfth in a series of posts that is designed to help potential presenters prepare proposals for programming. We recognize that many people want to share their thoughts on Harry Potter with others--and may not regularly present at conferences. Posts in this series will cover everything from the mechanics of a proposal to choosing an appropriate presentation format to tips and tricks for making a proposal attractive. If you have any questions beyond what's covered here, please e-mail us at

Read the last post here.

Proposing a Presentation, Part 12: The Quick Summary Guide to Artists and Authors Night Programming (and the Gallery)

Fanfiction Readings: You may submit standalone works, chapters, or excerpts of works, but all of your work to be read must be one proposal. If you have collaborative works with other authors who will attend and read with you, those works may become separate proposals. You may submit works to be read even if you cannot attend, but you must name a registered, committed proxy reader by April 15, 2008, if the works are accepted.

Fanart Portfolios: You may submit portfolios of 2-D and 3-D art (and crafts!) of up to 30 pieces, in one proposal per artist or collaborative group. Art included in a fanart portfolio may also be included in the gallery, and retrieved during your presentation. You must attend the conference to show a fanart portfolio.

Gallery Art: You may submit art to be displayed in the Terminus gallery, with proposals of up to 5 pieces of 2-D or 3-D art per artist or collaborative group. You may request that Terminus print and display your 2-D art. Art may be retrieved from the gallery for use in a fanart portfolio showing, but otherwise, art should remain in the gallery during the conference. You do not need to attend Terminus to have art displayed in the gallery.

Sketch Booth: You may apply to staff the sketch booth for an hour during Artists and Authors Night, where you'll create quick, small-scale line art in response to attendee requests.

Art Critique Booth: You may apply to staff the art critique booth for an hour during Artists and Authors Night, where you'll provide feedback on attendee-created art.

Drabble Booth: You may apply to staff the drabble booth for an hour during Artists and Authors Night, where you'll write very short stories in response to attendee requests.

Beta Booth: You may apply to staff the beta booth for an hour during Artists and Authors Night, where you'll provide feedback on attendees' creative writing, and on a grammar test available at the booth.

Booth Application Deadline: February 1, 2008
Gallery Art Submission Deadline: March 1, 2008
Late May, 2008: Programming schedule published for August 8-10, 2008.

Questions? Concerns? Please e-mail general queries to and questions about programming to

Coming soon: Structuring Your Abstract
Aeolian University

Thoth's Tournament of Knowledge

Have you entered Thoth's Tournament of Knowledge?

The tournament, a fast-paced test of a team's knowledge of the Harry Potter phenomenon, dates back many centuries to the time when Thoth, a god of knowledge to both the Egyptians and the Greeks, walked the earth. The tournament is a tradition of wit and cunning, and of course, all-encompassing trivia. Do you know the faces and places, the facts and figures related to the way the boy wizard affected the world? For example, do you know the date the first book was published? Who played Neville Longbottom in the movies? Which literacy charity benefited from J. K. Rowling's auction of a notecard of clues? Which mythological beast that appeared in the books bursts into flame and is reborn at the end of its life? Who wrote The Little White Horse, a favorite book recommended by J. K. Rowling?

The tournament will take place over the course of Terminus, with the opening rounds played as part of the opening ceremonies of the Pan-Magical Games following the Arrival Dinner. Each team will consist of six players -- four active and two alternate at any given time -- and will be guaranteed at least two matches as they compete for glory.

The tournament, however, can only accommodate 96 players, and nearly two-thirds of those spaces are already filled. Participation costs $15 per player, and each player will receive a t-shirt bearing the wizarding mascot of his or her team. (Sponsors will choose the colors and mascots for each team, and the Terminus design team will create the artwork; if you, your organization or even your team would like to sponsor a team, the cost is $150, which includes all standard recognition in addition to the mascot and color choices.) You do not need a team to participate; we have had many players sign up without teams and our staff is happy to match you up with other players.

Players may sign up in the Terminus registration system (here for new registrants and here for those already registered), and we encourage you to do so quickly before all the slots are filled! Please direct all questions and concerns to our staff at