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Terminus Countdown

There are only eight days left to register for Terminus! After July 1, the price will jump to $200--and you'll have to buy a registration at the door.

In recent posts, we highlighted a few of our roundtable discussions, papers, panels, pre-empaneled papers, and gallery art and fanart portfolios. Today, we'd like to feature some fanfiction readings. Fanfiction readings will be scheduled on Artists and Authors Night, and both budding and experienced fan authors will read excerpts of their work. Each and every one would appreciate having a few listeners, and you're welcome to interact with them by asking questions about their stories and writing process. We hope you'll consider dropping by a reading, even for a few minutes. A few of the readings are detailed below.
Always You
A revisit to Snape’s worst memory. Harry discovers the secret hidden by his father’s apparent loathing of Severus Snape.

No Loyalty in the Moonlight
Because some secrets aren't meant to stay buried--years after the Final Battle, Hermione will have to confront her own, even those she's kept from herself. (HG/SS; Deathly Hallows disregarded.)

Not Here
“No honor was given to the fallen heroes of the war. But one lies alone and forgotten and deserving of so much more. She will see to it.” Post-Deathly Hallows.

To see more presentations, please visit the accepted proposals page.
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