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21 July 2008 @ 08:40 am
Some Frequently Asked Questions  
Keep an eye on your e-mail this week--each day, we'll be sending out a batch of check-in e-mails. Most of these will be delivered to the e-mail address with which you registered automatically, so expect that your check-in reminder may come very late on Friday, July 25. Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, a few of our most popular questions are below.

Is there internet service at the Hilton Chicago Hotel?
Yes, there is, and it seems like there may be a rumor spreading that this service is free. Unfortunately, as with most urban hotels large enough to hold an event like Terminus, the wireless (or wired, depending on the floor you're on) internet service comes with a fee. We looked into having Terminus provide complimentary wireless, but the cost from the hotel was outrageous. We recommend sharing a weekly guest room internet plan with others to keep the price reasonable, if you'd like internet access.

Is the pool going to be open?
Yes! The hotel changed the renovation schedule for us. There is a lap pool on the 8th floor.

Can I just e-mail you my transfer even though online registration is closed?
Unfortunately, no. Parts of your registration have been packed for transfer in five different states, and other parts are in transit. All of the check-in databases have been printed and packed up. Please give your buyer a transfer form, and we'll help them take over your registration at the conference.

Can I just tell you my information?
Again, unfortunately, no. Once we get to Chicago, our internet access is limited, and we'd be likely to miss your message or be unable to match it with a transferred registration.

Do I have to have ID?
Yes. If you do not have government-issued photo identification, you should go to your local DMV and obtain some right away. The cost of an ID card is minimal, and most of you will need one to get on the plane. Please note also that we can't admit you without proper identification, especially if you are a minor or a chaperone.

Can I sell things at Terminus?
The hotel has a firm policy that no sales are allowed, except for businesses, individuals, and groups who have reserved space in the Terminus Vendor Station. If you are selling items or soliciting anyone for money on hotel property, you may be removed from the hotel.

Registration AND the Wizards’ Lost and Found both start at noon on Thursday, August 7. Will there still be time to play if I have to wait in line for my badge?
If you like, for this one of the Pan-Magical Games, you may join in the neighborhood scavenger hunt by going directly to the Room of Requirement (PDR #2) at noon on Thursday. You'll need to know what House you're in when you turn in your scoring sheet, but otherwise, you can pick up your registration packet after playing, if you like.

Can I bring my little brother? I'm babysitting.
If you have a pre-mobile infant, you may bring him or her along, though of course we'll ask you to step out of presentations if the baby is disruptive. If your little brother isn't yet 14, he will have to stay home, since we do not have any programming for children. He may come with you to visit the Vendor Station or to watch the Trade Winds Tournament in Grant Park, though; both of these items on the Terminus schedule are open to the public.

Do I REALLY have to have a chaperone?
Yes. Absolutely. We will not be making any exceptions to our chaperones and minors policies.

Where is there to eat around the hotel?
Lots of places! Chicago has all sorts of great places to eat. We have a list of some within walking distance of the hotel here.

When does Starbucks close?
Starbucks is part of the Lakeside Green Lounge, and they close at 2 p.m. to set up the bar. Once it closes, we recommend walking out the parking entrance and around the corner to 8th and Wabash (right behind the hotel) to Caribou Coffee--and they even have free Wifi!

Where is the grocery store/Target?
The closest full-service grocery store is the Jewel-Osco at 1224 South Wabash. Walk 4 blocks south on Michigan Avenue and 1 block east on Roosevelt to Wabash and Roosevelt.

The closest Target is the Chicago South Loop Target at 1154 S. Clark Street. Walk 4 blocks south on Michigan Avenue and 4 blocks east on Roosevelt to Roosevelt and Clark.

Both of these locations are within a half-mile of the hotel.

I heard the El is going to start some new construction projects.
We have, too, and we will be updating the transportation page at the end of the month; a volunteer (thank you!) will be riding the route to ensure that we have correct directions. At present, it appears that from Chicago O'Hare Airport, you will take a shuttle to the next blue line station instead of boarding at the airport. Chicago Transportation Authority staff will be at the airport to help you find the shuttle. According to their website: O’Hare customers will board and alight buses at the O’Hare Bus Shuttle Center located in the airport’s lower level near the flight Arrivals area (O’Hare terminals 1, 2 and 3). On the return trip, they will stop at the Rosemont Station and shuttle passengers to O'Hare.

When will I receive an e-mail about checking in for Terminus? For Wrock Chicago? For my keynote ticket that I bought without a registration?
Please watch your e-mail this week. Terminus check-in instructions will arrive first, and Wrock Chicago check-in e-mails will be last, arriving late on Friday evening.

Can I rent a ballroom to have a private party?
We can put you in touch with the hotel, but our understanding is that all of the meeting spaces in the hotel have been reserved for the weekend. (Also, rental cost in hotels is very high, and you often must order food from their set menus. We recommend meeting friends at a restaurant outside of the hotel.)

What are alternate parking options if I don't want to pay the daily charge at the hotel?
First, if you must bring a car, consider parking near O'Hare or Midway Airport and taking the El into town. There are numerous lots where parking will cost $7-10 per day. Chicagoparkingmap.com can help you find parking options near the hotel.

Have questions? Send them to help[AT]terminus2008.org.
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